New Guidance for Employers on E-Cigarettes


The use of E-Cigarettes at work

Public Health England has published new guidance on the use of e-cigarettes in public places and workplaces.

It recommends that employers:

• Make clear the distinction between vaping and smoking

• Ensure that policies are informed by the evidence on health risks to bystanders. It says that the evidence of harm from second hand exposure is not sufficient to justify the prohibition of e-cigarettes, e-cigarette use is not covered by smokefree legislation and should not routinely be included in a smokefree policy, the interests of individuals with asthma and other respiratory conditions should be taken into account

• Identify and manage risks of uptake by children and young people, for example by not allowing adults to vape in view of them

• Support smokers to stop smoking and stay smokefree, for example by not requiring vapers to use the same space as smokers

• Support compliance with smokefree law and policies

• Keep policies under regular review to take account of developments in the evidence base and changes in the regulatory environment

You can read the full document here

I strongly recommend that you include any guidance specific to your business about e-cigarettes or vaping in your employee handbook.

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