2018 – Year in Review

2018 Employment Law Round-Up

To help you navigate through the most important Employment Law Updates for 2018 we have categorised and summarised them with direct links to each article.

Case Law & Law Changes

Is it direct discrimination to reject a job applicant based on a perception their condition may become a disability?

Can you dismiss an employee if the decision to dismiss is made before knowledge of pregnancy?

Can an employee claim be struck out by the Employment Tribunal for speaking to the media?

Should an employer always consider ‘bumping’ during redundancy?

Shared Parental Leave and Direct Sex Discrimination

Disability Discrimination: Misconduct related to disability

Zero-hour contracts and discrimination rights

Do you have to pay the national minimum wage for workers who sleep in?

Does someone who provides service through a ‘service company’ have employment rights?

Can an employee be discriminated against for a philosophical belief when that employee is the only person to hold that belief?

Disability discrimination and ill health procedures

Can an employee lose the right to claim constructive dismissal by working out a 6 month notice period?

When is a resignation actually an effective resignation?

Does an employer have constructive knowledge of a disability if the employee has denied having one?

Is an employer liable for the actions of an employee at an unplanned staff party?

Did calling an employee a “Fat, ginger pikey” amount to unlawful harassment?

Is an employer liable for the actions of a former employee who commits a serious criminal data breach with he intention of harming his employer?

Worker status and the ‘Gig’ Economy: Addison Lee Drivers

If an employee doesn’t take all of their statutory holiday entitlement in a leave year, do they lose it?

HR & Best Practice

Managing Stress at work

Taxation of termination and settlement payments

Changing Employee Terms and Conditions: A Quick Guide

10 Free things you can do to be a better employer

Employment Appeals and Time Limits

Does your workforce reflect the workforce you want?

Dismissal for Some Other Substantial Reason or SOSR

How can you increase your chances of attracting the best job applicants?

Dismissal as a result of a Statutory restriction

An employers guide to dealing with pregnant employees: Sickness and Risk

Holiday Pay: What is rolled-up holiday pay?

Employment Law in the News

Employment News Update – October

Hot Topics

Gender Equality in the workplace: Still an issue?

Qualifications v Experience


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