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Asda’s problem: Changing terms and conditions for employees

As retailers face continued pressures, more employers may feel they need to change their terms and conditions of employment in the near future to help combat overheads. It has been announced that Asda’s staff will stage protests on the 14th August 2019 after they were told to accept changes to their contracts or face losing […]

Santan-don’t: The pitfalls of withdrawing an employment offer

What are the potential ramifications for an employer who makes an employment offer and then rescinds it? As has been reported recently, the Spanish banking giant Santander took the controversial decision to withdraw an employment offer it made to then-head of investment banking at UBS, Andrea Orcel. The case, although extreme, highlights the potential ramifications […]

Do you have to give a statement of terms of employment to someone you have employed for less than 2 months?

Contracts & Minimum Employment Terms This question was recently considered in the case of Stefanko & Others v Maritime Hotel Ltd. The Law Under section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, employers are required to give employees whose employment will continue for more than 1 month a written statement of employment terms. The details […]

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