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What’s new in the world of Employment Law And HR – September /October 2019

An update for Employers & HR professionals Here’s a round-up of some recent legal developments plus a few interesting news stories: There was some good news for…. Clowns – who may have found a new line of work (in New Zealand at least).   Although more likely to be seen at a child’s birthday party than […]

Is the use of an Electronic Signature legally compliant?

Electronic Signatures For Legal Documents The Law Commission have confirmed that documents signed electronically, even when a statutory requirement for a signature predates our digital age, have legal force. This is an extremely helpful attempt to clear up lingering doubts over the issue. In the final report of a government-commissioned study, some 124 pages long, the commission […]

Is there a legal maximum temperature at work?

As temperatures continue to soar, many employees are struggling to keep their cool at work. So, when is it too hot to work? The Law Unfortunately, there is not one, clear rule for when the temperatures rise, and the law is generally unhelpful for all those suffering in the heat. An employer is expected to prevent the […]

The employment of children: Guidance for employers

The Isle of Wight Council have recently reminded employers of child employment legislation, designed to protect children’s rights in the workplace. With the summer holidays looming, parents may be looking forward to their children taking their first steps into the adult world of work by getting their first summer job, and perhaps, finally being able to […]

Are climate change and veganism philosophical beliefs?

Philosophical belief under the Equality Act Under the Equality Act it is unlawful to discriminate, harass or victimise employees or job applicants on the grounds of their religion, religious belief or philosophical belief. “Religion or belief” is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act, just like for example age or race, and is defined as […]

Does an employer have to postpone a disciplinary hearing pending the outcome of a police investigation?

Dealing with disciplinary issues This was the question before the Court of Appeal in the case of North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust v Gregg. The Law Where an employee’s alleged misconduct is also the subject of a police investigation, the question arises as to whether the employer should put on hold the disciplinary action […]

What’s new in employment law in April 2019?

what's new in employment law 2019

What do you need to know about this years’ changes to employment law Along with the usual annual increase in national minimum wage rates and other statutory payments, there is also new employment law legislation coming into force in April 2019. Increase in National Minimum Wage  The following increases took place from 1 April: • […]

How to bring ‘Joy’ to your workspace and increase productivity!

Some ways to ‘Marie Kondo’ your workspace You may have heard of the Japanese ‘tidying’ sensation Marie Kondo, who has developed her own organisation technique, called the ‘KonMari’ method, which she uses to help people tidy their living spaces. If not, we highly recommend you have a look at the method, there is currently a […]

Why should you use a specialist solicitor for your legal advice?

Legal Specialists How much thought do you/would you give to your choice of Solicitor or adviser? To what extent do you consider their expertise or experience? For me, as a Solicitor, if I am referring a client to a fellow professional for advice on a topic that I am not familiar with I will look […]

Employment & HR: What to expect in 2019

Hot Topics for 2019 1. The Good Work Plan On 17 December 2018, the government published the Good Work Plan, setting out what it described as “the biggest package of workplace reforms for over 20 years”. The plan outlines an intention to improve working conditions for agency workers, zero-hour workers and other atypical workers. There […]

2018 – Year in Review

2018 Employment Law Round-Up To help you navigate through the most important Employment Law Updates for 2018 we have categorised and summarised them with direct links to each article. Case Law & Law Changes Is it direct discrimination to reject a job applicant based on a perception their condition may become a disability? Can you […]

Government Announce Employment Law Reforms

The Good Work Plan: What do you need to know about proposed employment law reform? You may have heard on the news this week about the announced reforms to employment law. Some reporters have heralded the changes as a major overhaul and reported that it will provide additional rights for millions of workers, however if […]

Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Awards 2018

We were recently shortlisted for the Business Growth Award at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Awards 2018. The awards ceremony took place on Friday evening (30th November 2018) in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, hosted by Anneka Rice and I am really excited to announce that although we were not winners, we […]

Is an employer liable for the actions of a former employee who commits a serious criminal data breach with the intention of harming his employer?

Yes, held the Court of Appeal, based on the facts in the case of Various Claimants –v- Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC. The Law In certain situations, an employer can be held responsible for the acts, or omissions, of its employees, if they took place in the course of their employment. This is known as Vicarious […]

Employment News Update – Week Commencing 22nd October 2018

Employment Law News  A round up of the employment law news for the week commencing 22nd October 2018. Clamp down on Personal Service Companies (known as PSC’s) There are reportedly plans afoot in the Treasury to change current tax rules that enable individuals to avoid higher tax and national insurance contributions by working through a […]

Is an employer liable for the actions of an employee at an unplanned staff party?

Possibly, held the Court of Appeal, based on the facts in the case of Bellman v Northampton Recruitment Ltd. The Law In certain situations, an employer can be held responsible for the acts, or omissions, of its employees, if they took place in the course of their employment. This is known as Vicarious Liability. Vicarious […]

Beware of Ambiguous Resignations

When is a resignation actually an effective resignation? In the recent case of East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust v Levy, an employer was found to have unfairly dismissed an employee for refusing to allow an employee to retract an ambiguous resignation letter. The Law For an employer or employee to lawfully terminate a […]

Philosophical Beliefs and Discrimination

Can an employee be discriminated against for a philosophical belief when that employee is the only person to hold that belief? In a recent case decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (Gray v Mulberry Company (Design) Ltd ) the issue of philosophical beliefs was considered in a situation where the employee held a belief which […]

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