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5 mistakes employers make when dealing with an employee grievance

Managing the grievance process Dealing with grievances within the workplace in an appropriate and fair manner is crucial to having a happy workforce, to creating a sense of fairness, and addressing issues in a timely manner. A happy workforce is of course going to be more productive and loyal to your business, so it is […]

Can you discriminate when making jokes about someone being bald?

Baldness and Discrimination Gary Lineker has recently drawn official complaints to the BBC and suffered a huge backlash on social media over a remark he made at the start of a recent episode of Match of the Day. The joke, if it can be called such, was at the expense of his Match of the […]

Grievance Procedure: Part 4 Frequently Asked Questions Grievances for Employers

FAQ’s Grievances for Employers This is the last in the series of guidance for employers on dealing with grievances and this week I answer some of the frequently asked questions about grievances. The employee has raised a grievance related to a disciplinary process what should I do? If an employee raises a grievance during an […]

Grievance Procedure: Part 3 Gathering the Evidence & the Investigation Report

How do I gather grievance evidence & put together the report? The final part of the grievance investigation is gathering the evidence and producing your conclusions. In this post I deal with what you need to know to complete the grievance. Gathering the Evidence The grievance investigator will need to obtain all the evidence in […]

Dismissal of a Grievance & Constructive Dismissal

Can the failure to uphold a grievance lead to a claim for Constructive Unfair Dismissal? In this recent case decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal the issue of grievances and constructive dismissal was dealt with and the case provides some useful points to take away for when you are dealing with grievance issues. The Law […]

Grievance Procedure: Part 2 Investigation Meetings & Grievance Hearings

How do I deal with investigation meetings and grievance hearings? For the person who has been allocated responsibility for investigating the grievance it can be a difficult process, and many investigators I have spoken to find grievance investigation meetings particularly hard. Grievance hearings will be with the employee who raised the grievance originally and any […]

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